Zeroll Zeroll Antifreeze Tubmate Ice Cream Spade
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Zeroll Antifreeze Tubmate Ice Cream Spade

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Certainly not new, Zeroll is still one of the best options for scooping out hard ice cream. A spade is designed to match the radius of ice cream cartons for faster and cleaner knock downs. It also helps when leveling tubs, hand packing and hand mixing. And now the Zeroll Original TubMate Ice Cream Spade now has a new design! The Zeroll Ice Cream Spade is constructed using an aluminum alloy material that helps to prevent corrosion and oxidation. The spade also features an extended handle to help keep fingers away from your frozen treats, reducing the potential for contamination. A thicker blade than the original spade offers a longer life span for your ice cream scoop.Make short work of rock hard ice cream with these tried and true utensils from Zerol. As in the original Zeroll Ice Cream Spade, a special liquid inside the handle absorbs the heat from your hand to make serving easier. Try running under warm water for a few seconds to increase results. The spade is designed for right or left handed use.

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Zeroll Antifreeze Tubmate Ice Cream Spade
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