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BonJour Bonjour Chef'S Tools, Professional Culinary Torch
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Bonjour Chef'S Tools, Professional Culinary Torch

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BonJour®'s Professional Culinary Torch allows you to make restaurant quality desserts at home. Not only is the Chef's Torch an essential tool for preparing the classic Cr?me Br?l?e, but it also has a variety of other great uses in the home kitchen including browning meringue and melting cheese on onion soup gratin?e.

  • Large capacity for long burning time and extra-long nozzle for a more powerful flame.
  • Professional metal body
  • Includes full color Culinary Recipe Book
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Easy to fill with butane fuel Safety lock Removable stand
Material Type: Aluminum
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Professional Culinary Torch
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