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Kyocera Kyocera Revolution Series Knives:  5
Kyocera [171318-1037]

Kyocera Revolution Series Knives: 5" Micro-Serrated Utility Knife FK 125 NWH

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The Kyocera Revolution Series Knives have the same blades as Kyocera's Classic Series, but with a deeper blade and redesigned handle for precise control.The 5" micro serrated utility knife slices easily into even soft, difficult-to-cut foods, such as meat, bread and tomatoes. Cutting is simple and the cut surface is smooth. The fine ceramic knife leaves no metallic taste or odor and helps to maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetables.Features of the Kyocera Knives, Revolution Series include: Ergonomic handle for easy handling and total control Water-proof polypropylene resin handle Sleek grounded, polished blades in white with rounded tip Ceramic blade retains ultra-sharp edge for months without sharpening & won't stain or rust Impervious to food acids; won't brown fruits and vegetables Lightweight and perfectly balanced for optimal performance Manufactured in Japan 5-year warranty Unique Attributes and Characteristics: Strength - The unrelenting strength & density of advanced ceramic allow grinding to microscopic precision by diamond wheels. This hardness translates into a rock-like edge that will not roll like a steel edge. Edge retention is the most significant benefit of using ceramic blades, which hold their edge 10 times longer than conventional steel blades, including high carbon steelsPurity - Ceramic is a pure & healthy alternative. Unlike steel blades, the ceramic blades will never rust of change from its natural state. It is impervious to acids, juices, oils, salts or other elements. As a result, it will never alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Ceramic is as pure as it gets.Weight - Kyocera ceramic cutlery is typically half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, which requires a full tang added to the handle to achieve proper balance. Since the ceramic blade is so light, it needs no artificial weight added to the handle. T

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Kyocera Revolution Series Knives: 5" Micro-Serrated Utility Knife FK 125 NWH
Status:In Stock
Sku: 22009
Id: 12354

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