Built NY Built Ny Micro Dot-gourmet Getaway-lunch Bag
Built NY [171318-3918]

Built Ny Micro Dot-gourmet Getaway-lunch Bag

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Gourmet Getaway - The perfect all-purpose tote.Bonnie and Clyde could have used Built?s Gourmet Getaway if it had been around during the prohibition. This neoprene bag is the picnic basket of the future! The Gourmet Getaway can store many delicious treats. Great for road trips, stake-outs, or any time you are on the run and want to cram as many gourmet goodies in a bag as physically possible. The GG possesses a sturdy zip closure and will keep food hot or cold up to four hours.Color: Micro DotFeatures include: Lunchbag insulates food and drink, hot or cold for up to 4 hours.Soft-grip handle makes transporting easy & comfortable.Stretches to accomodate many sizes and shapes of food and drink containers.Use as a perfect all-purpose tote, a weekender, a travel bag, for school, the office, camping, travel, the beach, etc.Made from neoprene rubber, the wetsuit material.Lays flat when not in use.Stain resistant & machine washable.Tested for lead safety - no vinyl or pvc used.W13.5" x H13.5" x D6".
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Built Ny Micro Dot-gourmet Getaway-lunch Bag
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