Pacific Merchants MacFABhome Polyvinyl Placemat - Black Walnut  2136
Pacific Merchants [171318-1681]

MacFABhome Polyvinyl Placemat - Black Walnut 2136

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With the visual interest of natural fiber weaves and the strength and durability of a synthetic, macFABhome placemats are stain resistant, washable and ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use. The wicker and sisal type weaves of the material create textures that range from the warm and natural to sleek and modern. Sophisticated enough for formal entertaining but also durable enough for outdoor use!Go ahead - spill something! Mac FAB home products are completely cleanable and easy to maintain! For everyday use these materials can be cleaned simply with warm soapy water. The fabric is so amazingly durable that it can withstand abrasive rubbing. For tougher stains, a mild solution of bleach and water will solve the problem without damaging the fabric. MacFABulous!!The polyvinyl fabric used is made from a polyvinyl yarn, creating a beautiful and exceptionally strong fabrication. MacFAB home placemats are right at home indoors and suitable for outdoor use because they are completely UV protected. Extremely stain resistant & durable, impervious to bacterial growth, no mold or mildew, and heat resistant to 300¦F.Black Walnut placemats measure 17" x 12" (actual size not shown); sold individually.
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MacFABhome Polyvinyl Placemat - Black Walnut 2136
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