OXO Oxo Sili Pot Holder-licorice
OXO [171318-1729]

Oxo Sili Pot Holder-licorice

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The Oxo Good Grips Licorice Sili Pot Holder features both a 600?F heat resistant silicone outside and a cool, comfortable fabric inside. Protect your hands from heat, and still get a good grip. Your hand will fit securely in the Pot Holder?s pocket, letting you pick up items small and large without burning the top of your hand. It can also double as a trivet! Store it quickly and easily with the embedded magnet or silicone hanging loop. To clean just wipe the Pot Holder with a damp sponge, or wash and dry in the laundry machine. Measures: 9.5'' x 8'' x .5''. Features include: 600?F heat safe Flame, stain & steam resistant silicone grip Soft, fabric liner for added insulation and comfort Pocket secures Pot Holder to hand Magnet and silicone hanging loop for quick storage and access Easy to clean with a damp cloth or place in the washer/dryer 10? length for extra protection
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Oxo Sili Pot Holder-licorice
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