Nora Lighting NLIC-601QAT - 6
Nora Lighting [52109-130073]

NLIC-601QAT - 6" Low Voltage Air-Tight IC Housing with Quick Connect and Magnetic Transformer

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Nora Lightings 6 IC Airtight series low voltage housing provides crisp, defined MR16 quartz halogen illumination from MR16, AR111 or PAR36 light sources to any insulated ceiling application. Double wall airtight construction provides energy savings by reducing the flow of air through the ceiling. A wide variety of attractive adjustable trims allows fine-tuned aiming of directional light sources.
  • Transformer: Housing comes standard with 120V input and 12V 50 watt output magnetic.
  • Minimum Clearances: IC Housing is direct contact rated; no minimum clearance is required
  • Ceiling Thickness: Ceiling thickness varies from 5/8 1-3/8
  • Lamp Adjustment: Circular bracket on low voltage trims provides a secure snap-in hold and friction-locked aiming adjustment.
  • UV/Shatter Guard Shield: All low voltage trims include a tempered UV/shatter shield.
  • Dimming: Use only magnetic low voltage dimming control with magnetic transformers
  • Bar Hangers: Bar hangers are adjustable from 13-5/8 to 24-1/2 and can be repositioned 90 degrees
  • Junction Box: Contains seven 1/2 knockouts and four Romex pryouts with strain relief
  • Electrical: Quick connectors provided
  • Lamp Max: 50W 12V MR16 / PAR36 / AR111
  • WSEC ASTM E283 for Air-Tight

Voltage: 12V
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NLIC-601QAT Recessed Can Light
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Light Bulb: (1)50w MR16 GU5.3 12v Halogen,Dimensions: Ceiling Opening Diameter: 6.375" - Height: 7.75" - Length: 13.125" - Width: 9.5"Recessed Can Size: 6" Can,Key Feature of Can Housing: Air Tight,Key... [+]Show More
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