Cuisipro Cuisipro Roasting Rack  74 6780
Cuisipro [171318-1896]

Cuisipro Roasting Rack 74 6780

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This non-stick roasting rack will help to transport your turkey or roast safely and easily. Cook your meat on the rack, which will help drain away excess fat. Then lift the rack by its handles and carry your bird or meat to your serving tray. A removable pin holds the two sides of the rack together. Remove this pin and your rack will part, allowing you to remove it from under your meat with little effort.The roasting rack will hold up to a 25 pound bird or roast. The rack will fit 16" x 13" rectangular roasting pans and folds when not in use for compact storage. Nonstick surface makes for easy clean-up.

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Cuisipro Roasting Rack 74 6780
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