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Peugeot 4.75
Peugeot [171318-1582]

4.75" Peugeot Peppermill - Chocolate PM90388

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This 4.75" pepper mill has a rich, chocolate brown finish. The grinding mechanisms of Peugeot pepper mills have grinding and channeling grooves cut into the metal. The channeling grooves (the larger ones) are designed to line up the peppercorns with the grinding grooves (the smaller ones) and to crack the corns in half before the actual fine grinding process. These grooves are individually cut into the metal, which is then case hardened, making the grinding nut and head as hard as a ball bearing.To refill Peugeot peppermills: Unscrew the metal knob and remove the top Fill the grinder up to the mark with pepper Replace the top and screw on the metal knob *Remember: The tighter the screw is, the finer the pepper will be ground.Caring for your Peugeot: Do not expose to heat Wipe with a damp cloth Store in a dry place Do not put in dishwasher Peugeot mills include a lifetime warranty on the grinding mechanisms.

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4.75" Peugeot Peppermill - Chocolate PM90388
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