Keg Works Bronco Keg Beer Pump
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Bronco Keg Beer Pump

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When it's time to tap the keg, this Bronco Pump with a US Sankey coupler is what you need for most domestic beers. These beer taps are perfect for party use and they're incredibly durable, making them a great pump for store rental programs. This tap does pump oxygen into your keg, which will cause the keg to go flat after a day or two. To keep beer fresher longer, a CO2 system should be used. Example Beers: Budweiser, Miller, Coors Light, Busch. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Ideal for short term use at parties and gatherings. Equipped with a US Sankey coupler for tapping kegs of domestic beer. Incredibly durable. Great for store rental programs.
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Bronco Keg Beer Pump - US Sankey Coupler
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