MAWA Accessory Hanger M25405W by MAWA
MAWA [272285-9466]

Accessory Hanger M25405W by MAWA

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"MAWA hangers crafted in Bavaria, Germany from cold-rolled steel coated with our exclusive anti-slip, eco-friendly coating. Carefully formed to avoid bump-out from sagging, the super-grippy non slip coating keeps even the silkiest garments on the hanger and off the floor. Space-saving design frees up closet space. Hooks swivel for convenience. With a 10-year warranty, they'll be in your closet, not in a landfill!" Set of 6 Manufactured by MAWA
  • 9.84 x 0.375 x 8
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Accessory Hanger M25405W by MAWA
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