Rucci 10X/1X Magnification Acrylic Stand Mirror.
Rucci [821961-469]

10X/1X Magnification Acrylic Stand Mirror.

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Acrylic See through clear stand mirror. Double Sided 10X magnification and Normal View. 5.5 inches diameter and 7.25 inches height. Round shape for complete view. Rotatable 360. This amazing unique shape mirror essential beauty item that is great for everyday use for tweeting, make-up application and shaving for a complete view.

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8.5" X 5" Magnification Acrylic Stand Mirror.
Double sided 10x magnification and normal view. 7.5" Diameter and 9.75" Height. Acrylic Crescent Stand Mirror. Rotates 360 degrees to switch from a normal view on one side to magnified on the other. perfect... [+]Show More
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