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Raspberry Vinegar

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  • Product Brand: Delouis Fils - Country of Origin: France
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The house of Delouis was born in 1885, with the purchase of a vinegar factory in Limoges, France, where they have produced high quality vinegar products ever since. Based on a tradition of "Natural Quality", that is no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors aggregated, Delouis produces some of the finest vinegars out in the market today. Delicious fresh raspberries from France are slowly macerated in the famed Delouis vinegar in order to produce this fanciful fruity product, a time-old favorite amongst the connoisseurs. This sweet tangy vinegar is the perfect ingredient for your vinaigrettes, untainted by any artificial flavors, just the pure aroma and taste of the freshest raspberries harvested in France.
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3 x 16.9 fl oz Raspberry Vinegar
  • Type: Flavored Vinegar
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