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Eifel Tower Comforter Set

Luxury 4 piece comforter sets to enhance any bedroom. This set includes: 1 Comforter, 2 Pillow Sham, and 1 Bedskirt.

Deal ends: Thursday, April 2nd 2015


14 Ways to Sleep Better

Sleep is one of, if not the most important facets of healthy living, and getting enough one of most common issues in today’s world. In this edition we present 14 effective and natural ways to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up fully refreshed.

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Pointe Haven - 400 TC Deep Fitted Pima Cotton Sheet Sets
$54.99 to $79.99
Compare: $99.99 to $150.00
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Lenox Tablecloths - Laurel Leaf
$23.96 to $64.99
Compare: $36.00 to $100.00
Featured Reviews

CM7910N Crystal Lake Nightstand
Great Nightstand
This is a very nice nightstand. Made of actual wood and not that fiber board junk. Good quality, deep rich color, and just the right size. Excellent value. Arrives assembled except for the legs. They were very easy to attach. Very pleased.
Jazzybee from Duluth, MN
Damask Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain Liner
Great Service
Great quality. Great service.
Maria from Cortlandt Manor, NY
Damask Stripe Fabric Shower Curtain Liner
Great Service
Great quality. Great service.
Maria from Cortlandt Manor, NY
Orthopedic Personal Wedge
Just What We Needed!
My husband tends to snore, so he will prop his pillows up to elevate his head. He wakes up with a stiff neck. So when this wedge pillow arrived, it was just what he needed. His head is gently raised and he snores no more! And if that isn't enough, it's comfortable and has a removable cover. It was delivered right away in a huge box.
Jackie from Getzville, NY
Caymen Window Collection
These curtains are fantastic. Lovely light linen but dark enough to block out super bright light. Great for the price.
Erin from Atlanta, GA
1991 Superior Soft Pillow
I've had TMJ for many years. Until recently it has been pretty well under control but in the last 8 months or so has been giving me a lot of trouble. Now, a new thing - it hurts to put my head on a pillow because my head actually hurts - it's not a headache, it's head aching, which unless you have it, is very hard to describe. No amount of tossing, turning, pillow fixing has helped and I simply don't sleep anymore. UNTIL, getting the Foss Flake pillow. I once told my husband that the only way I could visualize ever getting to sleep again would be to lay down in snow. And, after searching for what has seemed like forever, I happened across a pillow that actually mimics snow. I just couldn't believe it. Now, one thing I notice is that everyone who makes pillows seems to overstuff them, whether it's down or Primaloft or other synthetic down alternatives. For somebody like me this is not good because no matter how soft and squishy the filling, it feels hard to me because it's too full. I bought the Foss Flake out of desperation expecting this to be too hard as well. Truthfully, it actually was a bit much, but much less so than other pillows I've bought (at great expense too!) Anyway, after sleeping one night on it I knew it had possibilities. I don't advocate doing what I did, but if you have this problem, I'm here to tell you that it worked. I opened a seam on one side of the pillow and carefully (and I mean carefully because otherwise the filling will get all over everything) and removed a LOT of the filling and put it into a plastic bag. I took enough out until the pillow felt just right. Then I stitched up the seam and had 1 pillow. With the removed filling, I made a second, smaller pillow using a full size pillow case that I machine stitched on the open side and then folded up. I won't go into even more detail since this review is already long enough, but last night I actually was able to sleep WELL using the pillows. I've done this in the past with Down and Primaloft and it has never worked for me as well because it feels lumpy. Foss Flakes doesn't lump or feel hard. It does really feel like snow. Most people don't have to go through stuff like this just to sleep. But if you do (and I hope you don't because it's awful to have TMJ) then try out this pillow. In addition to being very competitively priced. LNT had free shipping and a coupon. All in all, a great purchase. I highly recommend this pillow for EVERYBODY, not just TMJ sufferers.
Betty from Forest Hills, NY
10704 Stone Terrace Coffee Table
Solid Granite Top
Nice table for the money!! Some simple assembly required. Drawers do not slide real smooth but the beautiful SOLID granite top with brown/black tones is what makes this table well worth the money! Other tables we looked at claimed they were granite but were actually constructed with small (3" square) granite tiles so be sure before you buy! Shipping was fast, table came well packaged and linens and things communicated well via email at each phase from order receipt through shipping and tracking. Would definitely order from them again!
Joy from Oak Lawn, IL
Medalia Window Panel
Love These Panels
This is my second set of Medalia window panels. I love them. They offer a very current, high-end look for a very affordable price. LNT has the best price for these panels, plus, you can't beat the additional 25% coupon, which is offered often. I may come back for a third pair of these panels, that's how beautiful they are:)
Barbara from White Plains , NY
Chesterfield 7-Piece Comforter Set
Classy Casual Set
My husband and I were very pleased with this set; we wanted a classy, casual set in earth tones for our guest room, and after lots of looking this was the only set we found that we were happy with. Although the fabric isn't as soft or luxurious as some similar microsuede-type fabrics, we thought the quality was decent for the price. (The set was on sale for roughly $65.) has become my go-to website when I can't find the kind of household linens I'm looking for.
Karen from New Albany, IN
87232 46-in Tall Corner TV Stand
It Fit Perfectly!
We were looking for a TV table where you wouldn't have to get on your knees to work the DVD and Amplifiers. The height of the table is perfect, has a great finish and fits well in the corner of our room. Plus easy to put together in 10 minutes. Good buy!
Doug from The Woodlands, TX

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